- Ride  Drive   Enjoy
This is the newest concept in Equine Leasing!
--fixed fees          --very affordable
--no worries       --all the pleasures of ownership
Is Equishare for you?  Take this quiz...
Are you a horseless horse lover?
Would you rather brush a horse than vacuum a rug?
Is a day at the barn your idea of "fun in the sun"?
Too busy to own a horse, but still want to ride?
Would you like to own a horse but don't have the time?
If you answered yes, then Equishare could be for YOU!
Compare these values:
                         Traditional Ownership     V         Equishare
Horse Purchase   $5,000 and up         $200 member fee
Boarding Fees        $400 and up            $125/225/325
                                                                                                                  depending on plan
Veterinarian          $400 and up             $0
Farrier                       $1,000 per yr         $0
Sounds great, doesn't it?  Read on...
--We have riding horses for various skill levels.
--You choose the number of rides per week.
--Equishare rides are scheduled in 1 hour blocks.
--You call ahead to schedule your time.
--Having the horse of your dreams has never been easier!!!
Note:  This service is available only to Kemper Knoll Students.
Call 540-246-1910 to schedule your newest adventure with horses!!!
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